About Us

We are a highly qualified group of dynamic professionals, comprised of architects, engineers, and biologist with vast experience constructing eco friendly housings.

One of our main objectives is to surpass our clients expectations when working in the final designs, as well as with our construction methods, techniques, and specially with our construction quality.
We could also easily be defined by our immeasurable respect for nature and all of its sensitive natural resources; thus, our developments are very well thought out in order protect against environmental threats, moreover we build using recycled materials that would otherwise take decades, even centuries to degrade themselves out. Also, as an example of this fact, we recycle the water used for showers, clean dishes, laundry, etc., which after being treated with specific bacteria is efficiently used to irrigate the green areas of the community.
Based on our foundations, which are our ethics, values, as well as morals, we put special emphasis in constructing strong relationships that will stand a lifetime, and beyond.



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