Construction Techniques

We are proud to build environmentally friendly homes using the latest green construction techniques and products. We custom build each home with the individual owner’s input and we keep their unique style in mind as well.

Our homes feature poured concrete floors, ceilings, and walls with steel girders added to increase the structural integrity of your home.

All of our cabinetry and wood work is hand-made by local craftsmen, and designed to fit perfectly into your kitchen, bathroom, and closet specification. We use local hardwoods such as: yellow cedar, teak, Ecuadorian mahogany, and iron wood so that your custom built home will feel like it is a part of Ecuador.

We design our project with sustainability in mind. Our green design will include following features.


  • Our cisterns hold 4,000 gallons; they are built of solid concrete with 800 ton resistance to prevent cracking when natural shifting occurs. Cisterns are an important source of water should the water supply be interrupted.
  • Each home will have an individual septic tank, which will be treated with special enzymes/beneficial bacteria, thus degrading the organic waste into non-pollutant matter.
  •  All our homes, as well as condos, will be constructed with the utilization of non-degradable materials.
  •  In order to lower water consumption, the toilets will have two valves, one for solids and one for grey water; than the grey water will be treated and reused for irrigation of specific plants.
  •  Homes will be built to take advantage of the natural wind flow for self-ventilation and cooling.
  •  Each home will be surrounded by a “living” fence to ensure that none of the surrounding scenery is blocked; while offering security for each home.
  •  Internet, as well as Direct TV, will be available but must be acquired individually.
  •  Extension of indoor living space into the outdoors using your full length pivoting windows


  • In order to recycle water, all of the houses are going to be built with special water lines to the exterior grounds, which will irrigate the green areas of the community after it has been treated with specific degrading bacteria.
  •  Sunlight, moonlight, sunsets/sunrises, and the surrounding scenery are taking into careful consideration when our custom homes are built in order to have the best possible views of all of these from many different interior areas of the homes.
  •  Once we have reached a number of permanent residents living in the community, we are aiming to make compost with all of the recyclable organic matter, to be used as organic fertilizer for the green areas of the community.
  •  Our community will be gated and guarded by specially trained personnel.
  •  Black Skies criteria will be implemented, thus, no strong reflectors or lights will be allowed to point to the skies on exterior areas in order to enhance sightings of stars, moon, etc.

Check out our existing homes and all the things that Bahia and Canoa offer.

So if this sounds like a home you would love to live in …

We offer direct financing, which allows you to reserve your perfect lot by making a small deposit and then we can work with you on a payment plan that fits your needs. As an added bonus, if you come visit us and decide to buy that lot on your first visit, we will deduct the price of the airfare from the lot price… even if you just take advantage of our direct financing and leave a security deposit to hold a particular lot! We don’t believe you will find a better offer than this.

Our contact information is: email or by cell phone at 011593991029583 from USA, and 0991029583 within Ecuador.

Thank you for visiting us…… we look forward to building your custom dream home, in this wonderful pristine beach paradise!




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