logo_palmabricenoRetirement is about living the dream and no longer getting stressed out by the rat race of life. If waking up and having coffee on the patio of your custom home, watching the ocean waves, and hearing the cries of the birds is your idea of retirement then Palma Briceno was made for you.

Ecuador is an excellent place to retire and has come in as #1 or #2 on the Global Retirement Index for the last five years. Some of the reasons for this are:

  • Lower cost of living – ranges from $800 to $1,500 a month depending on where you live and the type of lifestyle you plan on having.
  • Healthier lifestyle with fresh produce and vegetables available year round.
  • Also a much slower pace of life which reduces stress.

There are a lot of cities/towns that have thriving communities of people who have retired here from the US to Europe; they are referred to as ex pats. Bahia is one of the cities that has a thriving ex-pat community; so if you feel a little home sick you can always find someone to talk to that understands what you are feeling.

Palma Briceno is a housing community on prime beach property between Bahia and Canoa, Ecuador. An eco-friendly community striving to bring mother nature and man together in as harmonious a way as possible. We are a highly qualified group of dynamic professionals, comprised of architects, engineers, and biologists with vast experience constructing eco-friendly homes, but we are also locals who love our city and want to showcase the best it has to offer. We speak both English and Spanish.

We could easily be defined by our immeasurable respect for nature and all of its sensitive natural resources; thus, our developments are very well thought out to not constitute an environmental threat.

We build using recycled materials that would otherwise take decades, even centuries to degrade themselves out. Also, we recycle the water used for showers, clean dishes, laundry, etc., and efficiently use this to irrigate the green areas of the community..

One of our main objectives is to surpass our client’s expectations when working in the final designs, as well as with our construction methods, techniques, and especially with our construction quality.

Check out our construction techniques, our existing homes, and all the things that Bahia and Canoa offer.

We offer direct financing, which allows you to reserve your perfect lot by making a small deposit and then we can work with you on a payment plan that fits your needs. As an added bonus, if you come visit us and decide to buy that lot on your first visit, we will deduct the price of the airfare from the lot price… even if you just take advantage of our direct financing and leave a security deposit to hold a particular lot! We don’t believe you will find a better offer than this.

Our contact information is: email xavier@ggs.com.ec or by cell phone at 011593991029583 from USA, and 0991029583 within Ecuador.

Thank you for visiting us…… we look forward to building your custom dream home, in this wonderful pristine beach paradise!


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